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My Son Holy Land ( half day)

My Son Holy Land ( half day)

My Son Holy Land ( half day)

Location: My Son Sanctuary
Route: 5 hours

27.00 USD per Person

With the continuous construction from the 4th century to the middle of the 13th century, the tower-temples in My Son built by the ruling kings are the orthodox structures of the country, so it can be said that the tower-temples are the places which focus on expressing what is most typical and charming of the contemporary art architecture with the unique architectural forms. Most of the architectural styles of Cham tower-temples are present in My Son and the tower-temples in My Son themselves create the basic criteria for the identification of the Cham architectural style.
Among the Cham towers’ architectural form, the population sanctuary as My Son is very unique and rare. The towers are laid/arranged in clusters of two or more ones. There are walls, yards and roads linking the towers together. Each tower has its own function. They gather in groups in which the main temple is in the centre and each group is surrounded by thick walls of brick. Most of the main doors of the main towers face east (toward the gods). Some big towers have west door in addition. In front of the main temple (kalan) is a gate-tower (gopura) with the small structure of the two-door communicating with each other: one door facing east, one door facing the main temple. Next to the gate-tower is often a long house (mandapa) which has a tiled roof and commodious inside to welcome the pilgrims and receive offerings as well as to perform the dances in sacrifice to gods. Around the main temple is the small temples or auxiliary buildings.

The architecture distribution in overall:
Richest in My Son Cham cultural treasures are god statues system, cloisterers, motifs decorations, plants and animals. Nature and universe are the harmony and uniformity. All of them are created meticulously, diligently, with the structure of temple,spatial ceremonies marking the religious ritual, worship with joy devotion, but it still remains a liberal which is very typical of Champa soul. Being brilliant and sucessful with masonry material with the high, modern technology, the temples stood for thousands of year, symbolize for a period of developing of architeccture in the construction history.
The processing of the material showing technical and fine arts elements, the durability calculations, the calcined techniques, the rate of construction, and the background denoting the talented hands and minds of the ancients.
My Son doesn’t have an imposing scene like Angkor (Cambodia), Pagan (Myanmar), Borobudur Kala (Indonesia) but it still has an important place in Asian art, because it’s the only remain of the zone that had developed for nearly 9 centuries

With long history of development, My Son becomes the inspiration of many great works of art. It combined many Cham architectures. From ancient style (My Son E1), Hoa Lai, Dong Duong, My Son A1, Po Nagar, Binh Dinh. Everything are displayed on terracotta and sandstone, and the material is the strength of Champa art.
My Son with having the aesthetic value of the humanity is a brilliant cultural treasure and lively museum. My Son artistry shows that this is the land for the interference of big cutures.
My Son is a special and unique work of art which is last up to now. It is a wonder of humanity quintessence.


Price ribbon Number of pax (adult) 1 2 3 – 5 6 – 9
Price per pax in USD 75 45 30 27

– Hotel pick up and drop off by modern air-conditioned car or minivan

– Professional English speaking tour guide

– Entrance tickets

– Cold bottled water and cold tissue

Duration of time: 4 hours

Depart: Early morning to avoid the crowds or any time

Price ribbon Number of pax (adult) 1 2 3 – 5 6 – 9
Price per pax in USD 75 45 30 27

Note: 50% off for children 8 – 12 years old

If you prefer to take the boat back to visit Kim Bong carpentry village , the surcharge is $30USD